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Aneeth Arora

Inspired by an ancient Japanese craftsmen practice, wherein the repair could be a restoration in which the damage is incorporated into the aesthetic of the restored item and becomes artistically “better than new.” The philosophy behind this technique is to recognise the history of the broken object and to visibly incorporate the repair into the new piece instead of disguising it. The process usually results in something more beautiful than the original, giving the broken object a new life or rebirth. The broken tiles have been used and put together to create a new surface.

Sakura Dark

Sakura Light

Sakura Line &
Sakura Small Flower

Aneeth Arora
Aneeth Arora

These bespoke walls and floors have been created in stoneware porcelain by an amalgamation of art, ceramic techniques and design. We have recast this historical surface into a new design avatar which is extremely versatile and timeless. We have experimented with unique and unusual techniques, taking innovation to it’s threshold, with a look that has never been seen before.

Download Aneeth Arora’s Kintsugi Collection Catalog (PDF)

Download or View  Aneeth Arora’s Kintsugi Application Catalog (PDF)

Base tile options for Aneeth Arora’s Kintsugi.