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Peter D’Ascoli

The Jamavar collection of ceramic tiles by PETER D’ASCOLI for FCML is inspired by the famous paisley shawls from India’s legendary Valley of Kashmir. The New York designer has captured the intricacy and drama of the original embroidered fabrics that set the style at the Mughal court and led European fashion in the 18th and 19th centuries. Now available in three colors, black, natural, and shahtoosh, the collection features borders and allover designs ideal for both floors and wall cladding.

Jamavar Dark

Jamavar Shahtoosh

Jamavar Light

Aneeth Arora
Aneeth Arora

These bespoke walls and floors have been created in stoneware porcelain by an amalgamation of art, ceramic techniques and design. We have recast this historical surface into a new design avatar which is extremely versatile and timeless. We have experimented with unique and unusual techniques, taking innovation to it’s threshold, with a look that has never been seen before.

Download Jamavar Catalog (PDF)

View or Download base tile options for Jamavar.

Jamavar I Application Catalog (PDF)